Learn to write for IELTS so you can go beyond band 6

Writing for IELTS doesn't need to be so hard

I believe that EVERYONE can get the IELTS writing score they want.

What if ...
... you could learn how to write for IELTS more efficiently and get faster results?
... you could stop spending time searching the Internet for IELTS writing tips and lessons that don't really work for you?
... you knew exactly what and how to write in the IELTS exam to get beyond writing band 6?

Download my IELTS writing checklist and discover how to write high scoring essays the right way.

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You have probably been studying for your IELTS for a while now.
Like a lot of IELTS students you may have tried a lot of text books to help you with your studying. You follow all the exercises but still don't get the result you need.

The problem with these books is that they do not teach you HOW to write - how to develop a paragraph or link sentences effectively; what grammar structures to use with different kinds of questions; how to plan quickly to save you time in the exam. And of course a book can't give you feedback on your writing.

So maybe you then go online to find lessons and writing tips for IELTS.

But it takes HOURS to search through all the hundreds of sites online. You start on one page, you click onto another and then another.... And you still haven't learnt anything to help you write a better introduction or discovered when you should give your opinion and when you shouldn't.

You can start to change that today and take control of your IELTS studying.