I believe that everyone can achieve a high IELTS writing score. But it is difficult to do it on your own.

Let's work as a team to make sure you break through that IELTS band 6 wall and get the score your really need.

I'm here to:

  • give you have a systematic study route for your writing with a positive goal at the end - success in your next IELTS exam. 
  • teach you know exactly how to write for IELTS to impress the examiner so he gives you higher bands.
  • ensure everything we work on together for IELTS writing is helping you to write more effective and high scoring essays, reports and letters.

I have worked with busy IELTS students like you for many years helping them to build a solid understanding of the IELTS writing process, master the grammar and  build their vocabulary so that they get consistently higher writing scores.

Here's how we can work together‚Äč

Write IELTS Right - task 2

Email coaching program where you learn all the essential elements for writing fantastic essays every time. Learn how to break through the band 6 barrier and get the band score you need.
Work through the lessons, do the practice exercises and receive personal feedback on your writing and progress from me.

Write IELTS Right - Essay Masterclass

Dig deep into each kind of task 2 essay question with this email program with personal feedback on your essays. Master exactly how to answer each question type - what organisation to use, when to give your opinion, differences between similar questions - and the best grammar structures you can use to really impress the examiner.

1-to-1 coaching lessons

Online face-to-face coaching sessions to work more personally on your writing skills. You can really dig deeper into the specific problems that you have and need to improve.

Models of IELTS Writing

Free models of task 1 and task 2 questions for you to study. You can analyse them for organisation, grammar, vocabulary, linking ....whatever you want. There are questions after each one to help you learn about different aspects of writing. Check them out!