Do you want to know a secret?

Are you sure?

Well, ok then.

IELTS informal letters are EASY!

That's it! Nothing else. They are a piece of cake.

Even if you can't make a cake, IELTS informal letters are a piece of cake (that means they are really easy).

And this is why...

There is a formula you can learn to write an informal letter, and once you've got it, that's it!

OK, so are you ready for this? Because if not, if you want to keep banging your head against the wall over your informal letters, then you can stop reading right now.

But if you are DONE fighting with this, if you want to say ENOUGH! then keep reading.

Here is the formula:

​You need all these things in your letters. Let me break it down for you.

  • Informal letters start and end with chat.
  • The chat has nothing to do with the question - you need to be inventive. But learn 2-3 different ways to chat at the start and end of letters, and you don't even need to THINK about this anymore.
  • The main part of the letter I can't predict for you. BUT I do know that you need to use phrasal verbs, idioms, and collocations. So learn a few that you can use with ANY letter. And whoooho! Half your job is done!

So there you are. That's the secret.

Memorise 2 ways to start an informal letter and 2 ways to end it. Keep them chatty and don't start answering the question until paragraph 2.

Memorise a 2 idioms that could be used in almost any letter. You can write one of them in your chatty bit.

Learn a handful of phrasal verbs that could be used for almost any topic. Put at least one in your chatty start or ending - then you will be sure that you have one because you have memorised your start and end!

When you learn new words you should be learning them as collocations if possible. Things like 'make your bed', 'do the dishes' 'catch a cold' 'walk the dog' etc.

Memorise a few that you can use in an informal letter.

OK. The rest is up to you. I can't do everything for you!

Go now and start planning your informal letters.

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